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BIOMEDICA has  been dealing in the ethylene oxide sterilization field for over 35 years, achieving. During these years, a remarkable leadership in the domestic market and gaining marketable recognition in the international market.

We are a manufacturer of ethylene oxide sterilizers. To take into account the specific needs in the sterilization field, was our main objective in order to manufacture our first sterilizers. These sterilizers are equipped with a novel ventilation system which permits to carry out the sterilization and ventilation processes in the same chamber preventing the operator from exposure risks by reducing the possibility of polluting the workplace.

In order to meet the need of all and every healthcare center, the line of products of BIOMEDICA includes different which range from 30 liters capacity (approx.) for use in ophthalmology, gynecology, urology, cosmetic, dermatology and dentistry areas, to our equipment of 160 liters that is suitable to healthcare centers and hospitals having a great deal of daily surgeries which generate huge amounts of loads per cycle of sterilization.

BIO-GAS sterilizers help to cut costs since they allow to sterilize in a fast and efficient way a wide range of items which are of high importance for medical activities, specially for highly complex surgeries in which heat-sensitive elements are used and can not be sterilized by the traditional methods such as steam or dry heat (for example: pacemaker, plastic probes, thermometers, nasogastric tubes, canulae, etc.).

BIOMEDICA provides all the necessary information for the acquisition of the most suitable sterilizer according to the particular need of each consumer through its professional and technical assistance department. Our technical department also provides getting started service and maintenance assuring in this way the safety of the sterilization personnel in their workplaces.

ExportsBIOMEDICA SRL also provides the most important medical institutions with ethylene oxide sterilizers through our network of distributors based in the following countries:








Dominican Rep.









The aim of BIOMEDICA is to run our Quality management system so as to achieve our objectives, which are:

Develop business and enter into new markets.

Control the technical and administrative processes which may affect the quality of our products.

Sponsor training courses to sterilization personnel for the appropriate use of the system.

Provide all the necessary resources to the upgrading and improvement of the equipment.


AMNAT: see certificate

ISO 9001-2008: see certificate

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